Pen Factory

We like to compliment our cuisine not only with fine wines, but with a selection of bottled beers, craft ales and choice cask conditioned draught served at its best.

British breweries are celebrating something of a heyday with technological advances, access to new varieties of hops, a transfer of learning from modern winemakers and a fresh enthusiasm which has seen independent and microbreweries pop up across the country.

We’re keen to celebrate this, stocking the best produce from breweries small, medium and artisan. We like to work with breweries from around the Liverpool area and with those within the reach of the waters which flow east or west from the heights of the Pennines. But you can also expect to find beers from Shropshire, the South Downs and beyond behind our bar.


We’ll only serve our cask beers fresh, lively and full of condition which means it may take several top ups to achieve the perfect pint so please be patient – it will be worth the wait.


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